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user photo - Inna
Clinic review

I’d like to express my gratitude to Vadym Sylayev for his professionalism and attentive attitude. Thanks to Vadym Ihorovych, his ability to professionally assess the situation and make the right decisions, I managed to save my long-awaited pregnancy.

user photo - Svitlana
Clinic review

I have several gynecological problems at once that prevent me from getting pregnant. For several months I have been undergoing treatment with Vadym Sylayev. I say for sure that he is not only a professional, but an extremely polite doctor. It’s rare to meet such a doctor!
Vadym Ihorovych always answers all my questions in detail, and explains the processes occuring in the body in lay language. Moreover, the most important thing is our good result! We managed to solve the problem of a thin endometrium, and this month, dominant follicles appeared! Moving on! Thanks to the best doctor!

user photo - Nataly
Clinic review

I started having problems with digestion, which is why I had to make an appointment for an ultrasound of the abdominal organs. I was pleasantly surprised that there is a very comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff in IVMED clinic, there are no queues and problems with making an appointment for the service. I was referred to an ultrasound specialist who carried out the examination very carefully and professionally using modern equipment. Immediately, problems with the work of the gallbladder and pancreas were noted, a preliminary diagnosis was made – cholecystopancreatitis, which was later confirmed by a gastroenterologist. At the same time, I’ve already gone for an ultrasound scan to another clinic earlier, where they told me I had no problems with gallbladder and even had the correct shape, although I had an inflection of the gallbladder from birth. I am very glad I came to you guys, and then to a competent doctor who prescribed adequate treatment. I advise everyone to do an ultrasound only with you!

user photo - Margaret
Clinic review

Many thanks to the clinic and all its staff for their professionalism! Thanks to the girls at the reception for the radiant smiles and desire to always help in everything. And a special thank you to nurse Xenia. Your support helped a lot!

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