Presentation of IVMED Clinic opening in Zhytomyr

IVMED Clinic opening in Zhytomyr

On July 1, the clinic of modern reproductive technologies IVMED (IVMED) was officially presented in Zhytomyr. The co-founders of the clinic Vladislav Sviridyuk and Serhiy Ivankevych told how it all began and what plans for the future, showed the project for the new building, and leading reproductive specialists Halyna Strelko and Anastasia Nikitina shared with colleagues their own experience in the treatment of complex gynecological diseases.

The first clinic was opened in Kyiv in 2013. Thanks to the work of IVMED specialists, thousands of families in Ukraine and abroad have become happy parents. Now everyone in Zhytomyr will also be able to use the clinic’s services.

We have the ability to provide services and help with any type of infertility, from a situation where there are no reproductive cells to a situation where you need special and very subtle work with these cells. Another area that we are very actively developing is genetic research, after all, it is very important that our women have healthy children, without genetic diseases, that’s why we should have the opportunity to detect this and make prevention in time, – says the head doctor and reproductive specialist of the IVMED clinic Halyna Strelko.

The clinic provides all the latest services of assisted reproductive technologies. It successfully treats male infertility with medical and surgical methods.

The success rate of our surgical techniques in our clinic is 90-95%, that is, in this percentage of cases, we will receive sperm and then give men a chance to become fathers, – дadds the head doctor and reproductive specialist of IVMED clinic Halyna Strelko.

IVMED has the highest accreditation category, and patients can be sure that they will receive quality care at the best price.

We employ specialists of different specialties: obstetricians-gynecologists, a urologist who deals with male infertility, an ultrasound doctor, a prenatal diagnosis doctor. We also have a therapist who works with couples and pregnant women, – says the medical director of the Zhytomyr branch of the IVMED clinic Anastasiia Nikitina.

Expansion is in the plans. Now the construction of a new building is underway.

We plan that the second phase will allow us to deploy a full cycle of assisted reproductive technologies, so that all the areas and opportunities that currently exist in Kyiv are available in Zhytomyr as well, – says Vladislav Sviridyuk, co-founder of the IVMED clinic.

The new building provides all the amenities for patients – a hotel for foreigners, a restaurant and private parking.

МThe medical center is located on the territory of the Central City Hospital №2, it is a building of the former children’s infectious department. At present, the project of this building with a total area of 5 thousand square meters has been developed, half of it has been allocated for the clinic – 2.5 thousand square meters. In two years we will increase this area more than 10 times, – says the co-founder of the IVMED clinic Serhiy Ivankevych.

How will the new building of the IVMED Clinic of Modern Reproductive Technologies in Zhytomyr look like.

Thanks to everyone who shared this pleasant moment with our team!

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