Calculate ovulation calendar

Ovulation – is a phase of a menstrual cycle occurring every month. Its essence lies in the release of a mature egg being ready for fertilization from the ovarian follicle. At this time, the chances of getting pregnant are higher than ever. If, as a result of ovulation, fertilization and egg implantation occurs, then the woman will get pregnant. If conception doesn't occur, then at the end of the cycle, menstruation will begin. The ovulation calendar is very important for planning pregnancy, because in the future, the doctor can use this data to calculate the duration of gestation or to calculate the delivery date.

How to calculate the ovulation date?

This method is the most favourable when the girl has a standard cycle without failures. In order to calculate the ovulation date, it's necessary to indicate the date of the first day of the last menstrual period, the duration of the cycle and menstruation. The ovulation often occurs on the 14th day if a cycle lasts 28 days. With frequent failures caused by various reasons, ultrasound diagnostics, an ovulation test, or basal temperature measurement are used.

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