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Calculating your due date – is a very important part of the pregnancy. This indication will help the obstetrician-gynecologist prepare your body for the childbirth. The doctor will be able to carry out all the necessary tests and examinations in time, as well as assess the development of the fetus, placenta and birth canal.

How to count weeks pregnant?

The doctor deals with the process of calculating, and the method depends on whether the woman knows the date of conception. If the fertilization date is known, then the following formula is used:

Child's date of birth = Fertilization date + 280 days.

For example: 27.02.2021 + 280 days = 04.12.2021

If a woman does not know the fertilization date, as it often happens, then the following formula is used:

Child's date of birth = date of the first day of the last menstrual period + 280 days.

It's worth noting that the delivery date calculated by the doctor doesn't often matter because a baby can decide himself or herself when to be born, so only 5% of the babies are born on a specific date.

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