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    user photo Inna
    09.09.2021Doctors review: Sylaiev Vadym Ihorovych I’d like to express my gratitude to Vadym Sylayev for his professionalism and attentive attitude. Thanks to Vadym Ihorovych, his ability to professionally assess the situation and make the right decisions, I managed to save my long-awaited pregnancy.
    user photo Svitlana
    09.09.2021Doctors review: Sylaiev Vadym Ihorovych I have several gynecological problems at once that prevent me from getting pregnant. For several months I have been undergoing treatment with Vadym Sylayev. I say for sure that he is not only a professional, but an extremely polite doctor. It’s rare to meet such a doctor! Vadym Ihorovych always answers all my questions in detail, and explains the processes occuring in the body in lay language. Moreover, the most important thing is our good result! We managed to solve the problem of a thin endometrium, and this month, dominant follicles appeared! Moving on! Thanks to the best doctor!
    user photo Maria
    22.06.2021Doctors review: Nikitina Anastasiia Serhiivna I am very grateful to all the staff at IVMED Medical Center. Since I learned about my pregnancy, you have become a second home for me, where a friendly warm atmosphere prevails, always positive girls administrators and nurses, professional doctors. I am monitored by Nikitina Anastasia Sergeevna - this is a doctor from God. She will always cheer up if I'm out of sorts, very sensitive, literate, intelligent and smart. I also want to thank the ultrasound speciallists, thanks to whom I can observe the development of my child on the monitor, because it is so interesting! It is very important for me that the child grows up healthy, and it is possible to determine pathologies in the fetus only with the help of good equipment, which is equipped with the IVMED clinic. I am very glad that all 9 months I will be in peace under the reliable supervision of professionals. Thank you!
    user photo Olga
    16.06.2021Doctors review: Nikitina Anastasiia Serhiivna When I went to the clinic for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised: it was very clean, comfortable there, and polite and friendly administrators worked at the reception. I would like to express my special gratitude to Nikitina Anastasia Sergeevna, a gynecologist. Thanks to you, I finally got the right diagnosis. She is a very empathetic, attentive and highly qualified doctor. It should be said that the quality of diagnostics is excellent here. Now my problem is solved! In the future, I will go to IVMED only.

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    Consultation with fertility specialist +  Ultrasound of the pelvic organs

    Consultation with fertility specialist + Ultrasound of the pelvic organs

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    Відповідно до пп. 1-1) п. 1 ст. 1 Закону України «Про ліцензування видів господарської діяльності» (Частину першу статті 1 доповнено пунктом 1-1 згідно із Законом № 835-VIII від 26.11.2015; в редакції Закону № 139-IX від 02.10.2019):

    видача ліцензії – надання суб’єкту господарювання права на провадження виду господарської діяльності або частини виду господарської діяльності, що підлягає ліцензуванню, шляхом прийняття органом ліцензування рішення про видачу ліцензії, про що робиться запис у ліцензійному реєстрі;

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